The Combination of Amoebiasis with Helminthiasis and Maduromycosis Complicated by Secondary Amyloidosis: A Case Report

A rare case of secondary amyloidosis was found in a cadaver with amoebiasis and intrathoracic complications of amoebic liver abscess related with Helminthiasis and Maduromycosis, which proved the peculiarity of Amoebiasis to combine with polyparasitoses, namely Enterobiasis, strongyloidiasis and Wuchereriasis. The authors confirmed that the progression of secondary amyloidosis, most likely hepatopathic amyloidosis, can be accelerated by longstanding course of advanced, severe underlying illness with the development of amoebic complications, especially combined with Helminthiasis and Mycosis.


Ermilov VV, Agarwal A and Mouhammed HA

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