Aim and Scope

Global efforts to know and Cellular & Molecular Medicine: Open access involves clinicians trained in many branches of drugs and scientists from most biological disciplines, biochemistry, pharmaceutical and medical sciences. Cellular & Molecular Medicine: Open access journal exists to serve the requirements of this diverse community, providing a platform for prompt communication of original and innovative research findings that have relevance to understanding the etiology of cancer and to improving the treatment and survival of patients.

Cellular & Molecular Medicine: Open access journal works with a distinguished team of international experts to make sure the very best standards of selection and review. All relevant papers are carefully considered. Original, review and case report articles are accepted for publication. Once accepted, papers are published rapidly in print and online. Areas within the scope include, but aren't limited to aging, angiogenesis, biomarkers, cancer biology, channelopathies, cell Structure and dynamics, pathways and regulation, cellular and molecular basis of disease, differentiation and development, endocrinology/metabolic disease, genetics/epigenetics, genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics of disease, systems medicine, gene therapy, Immunology and inflammation, Infectious diseases.>